Highlands Pools

Owner: Ronnie Brown
License #CPC1459679

About Us

Highlands Pools is family owned and operated by Ronnie Brown, a licensed pool contractor (State Registered Contractor #CPC1459679) who has installed hundreds of pools and was named the #1 San Juan pool installer two years in a row in the state of Florida. Ronnie has been installing fiberglass pools and spas for 15 years in Highlands and surrounding counties. He uses only San Juan pools because of their excellent construction and durability as well as the variety of shapes and sizes.

Most of Ronnie’s work comes by word of mouth as the quality of his pool and deck installations is well-known in the community. As the business owner, Ronnie makes it a point to be on site during each and every project-- no sub-contracting out. Ronnie uses his own crew, with whom he has worked for over 10 years. The result: a guarantee that you’ll get the highest quality pool at the best price. If you are looking for a reliable pool installer in Central Florida, Highlands Pools is it!

You won’t get the run-around when you work with Highlands Pools, either. Phone calls and emails are returned within 24 hours. Ronnie comes out personally to inspect the site, and there are no ambiguous estimates. You will know how much your new pool will cost you when he walks out of the door.

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The best part of the job for Ronnie is taking a customer’s idea and turning it into a reality:

“You start with nothing in a backyard, and you finish with something beautiful.”